AE阴影效果制作方法:3D Shadow

3D Shadow After Effects

To create a 3D Shadow in After Effects follow the steps below

  1. Create New composition name it “master”
  2. Click on  and type your text
  3. Select the text you just created and Pre-Compose it, rename “TEXT”
    CTRL+Shift+C (Windows)
    Command+Shift+C (Mac OS)
  4. Go to back to your “master” composition
  5. Select the “TEXT” composition, make sure it the 3D layer icon is turned on 
  6. Duplicate the “TEXT” composition
    CTRL+D (Windows)
    Command+D (MAC OS)
  7. Rename the duplicated composition “TEXT Shadow”
    Parent “TEXT shadow” to “TEXT”
  8. Change the orientation of the “TEXT” layer such as below
  9. Now Select your Text shadow layer, make sure the 3D layer icon is turned on 
    Rotate the X axis to 90° and add those Effects and properties below
    Shadow layer properties
  10. Now if you move you main layer “Text” the shadow will move with it in the 3D space
    3d shadow preview

BONUS:  Download 3d Shadow After Effects project here

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