AE MG动画全面基础教程中英字幕带工程 Motion Design School – Motion Beast







Motion Design School
Motion Design School

The course will help you overcome AE-related barriers and fears which are standing between you and the wonderful world of animation and motion design

After Effects is hard to grasp
Confusing tools that don’t behave the way they should. All those new hotkeys, a brush that will not draw, let alone pixel perfect animation.

While working on wonderful animations we will go through all AE tools and panels step by step. All that to make sure you know what each hotkey stands for and how to finally make this damn brush draw

Learning on Youtube is tedious
There are tons of youtube tutorials teaching to make one or another effect. But it’s far from certain that it will become the best solution for your problem. There is not much use in such learning and it’s hardly structured.

We’ve developed a structured course that will make you certain of what tools to use for each case in your projects.

Animations aren’t smooth enough
You’ve tried to recreate other artists’ work, but your animation still looks laggy and far from smooth? Usually, that’s the theory behind the animation that is missing.

On this course, we pay special attention to Disney’s animation movement principles that can bring you closer to that desired smoothness.



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