E3D淋浴喷头水流动画教程Lynda – After Effects & Element 3DAnimating a Scene with Water

E3D淋浴场景花洒水流动画教程Lynda – After Effects & Element 3D: Animating a Scene with Water 免费下载

在这期培训课程中,你将学习如何在Adobe After Effects中,使用 Element 3D插件创建一个产品可视化淋浴场景动画。这个完整的场景包括一个花洒、水流、蒸汽和一个现实的背景,E3D插件可以很容易地构建3D物体和粒子系统。接下来探索不同的拍摄角度和镜头,并学习添加摄像机景深。包括如何以一种非常自然的方式完全自动化流速度和厚度,所有的都是通过滑动控制器。然后将这种效果转换成多个相似的(但不完全相同的)水流流,用于一个实际的淋浴喷雾器。这是一个基于项目的学习经验。这个过程的每一步都是丰富的AE和E3D技巧知识,适用于在现实世界中运动设计和合成艺术家。

Learn how to create an animated shower scene for a product visualization inside Adobe After Effects. The complete scene features a chrome showerhead, water streams, steam, and a realistic background—all built in true 3D space with Element 3D, an AE plugin that makes it easy to build 3D objects and particle systems. Explore different shooting angles with the scene camera, and learn to add a depth-of-field camera. Discover how to completely automate the stream speed and thickness in a very natural looking way, all with sliding controllers. Then turn that effect into multiple similar (but not identical) streams, for a realistic shower spray. This is a project-based learning experience. Each step of the process is rich with object lessons that are applicable to the variations that a motion design and compositing artist will face in the real world.


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