AE教程-三维空间立体动画终极讲解制作 Skillshare – The Ultimate Guide to 3D in After Effects



3D世界可能让人望而生畏,但实在太令人兴奋了,它打开的可能性使人们无法忽视。在这门综合课程中,您将学到有关在After Effects中进行3D工作的所有知识,并立即开始为您的构图增加深度。


  • 3D空间基础
  • 所有3D摄像机,灯光和图层控件及选项
  • 建立3D场景并制作动画
  • 先进的摄像机动画技术
  • 使用标准和Cinema 4D渲染引擎进行渲染

在本课程结束时,您将了解在After Effects 3D中自信地工作所需的一切。我创建了几个示例项目,您可以在学习这些课程时下载并关注这些项目。一路上,您将看到我如何处理独特的场景,甚至在某些现实世界的客户工作中如何使用3D。与往常一样,您和我的同学将可以获取项目反馈,回答问题和分享灵感。


In this comprehensive course you’ll learn everything there is to know about working in 3D in After Effects and start adding depth to your compositions in no time.

  • Basics of 3D space
  • All 3D camera, light and layer controls & options
  • Building and animating 3D scenes
  • Advanced camera animation techniques
  • Rendering with both standard and Cinema 4D render engines

By the end of this course you’ll know everything you need to work confidently in After Effects 3D. I’ve created several sample projects that you can download and follow as I teach through the lessons. Along the way you’ll see how I approach unique scenarios, and even how I used 3D in some of my real world client work. As always, your classmates and I will be available for project feedback, answering questions, and sharing inspiration.



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